Wireless Services 

Providing connectivity and reliable internet performance through end-to-end wireless services

The SMG3 Wi-Fi Guys: Certified Wireless Experts Ready to Give You the Most from Your Network

High-performing businesses require a reliable wireless network that meets internet uptime and security needs. Unfortunately, a lack of resources and expertise often stands in the way of steadfast coverage — resulting in irritated end users, costly maintenance, and lost productivity. In the worst-case scenario, poor network security can even put you at risk of a data breach.
Utilizing the Wi-Fi Guys, our team of certified wireless experts can establish reliable internet that securely connects your mobile devices and IT assets to meet operational demands. We can jump in to develop and service your network, regardless of where you are in the process. Whether you need an entire network solution or support for just one segment, we’ll get you better wireless coverage to keep your business moving. 
  • Site Surveying

    Are coverage issues, inconsistent network response times, or session drops preventing you from peak productivity? Our certified wireless experts will come onsite to analyze your entire environment and network configuration to pinpoint the source of your wireless issues. Whether it’s the climate, a misconfiguration, or any other problem, we’ll provide a no-hassle experience that gets to the root of the cause and offers guidance on the next steps to improve internet performance.

  • Wireless Hardware Procurement

    Selecting the proper switches, access points, and other crucial hardware for a wireless network can be overwhelming. You need an expert to help navigate the space and ensure you get equipment that meets visibility and network performance goals while being compatible with your infrastructure. Our vendor-agnostic, consultative procurement process brings you the hardware you need, regardless of budget or workflows.

  • Network Installation Solutions

    Poorly installed network components can create an array of wireless challenges that affect how your technology assets perform — ultimately impacting day-to-day efficiency. It can also hinder your enterprise’s security posture. Whether you operate out of a warehouse, distribution center, plant, or in the field, we’ll take care of the Wi-Fi installation and configuration process to ensure you make the most of your space, maintain high-speed internet, and keep your network running smoothly.

  • Wireless Maintenance Services

    Maintaining consistent network performance requires frequent upkeep to maximize throughput and prevent expensive long-term wireless issues. Our commission solutions include continuous network validation and optimization as part of a complete service package. The Wi-Fi Guys can evaluate packet data, test end-user performance speeds, and patch or reconfigure hardware once an issue gets identified, so you can keep your focus on running your business.


What You Get With the SMG3 Wi-Fi Guys

Our wireless solutions let you keep all your internet servicing needs with a single, expert partner — saving you time and costs while getting reliable coverage that supports network performance and enhances team productivity.

Comprehensive Wireless Services

The SMG3 Wi-Fi Guys provide an all-in-one, end-to-end solution to wireless networking. We handle the entire process, from network design to implementation and optimization to maintenance — all ensuring your wireless network's speed, visibility, and security. Whether improving a process or supplying the hardware, we're here to help.

Wireless Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our fully customizable wireless services can begin at any phase of your business or networking journey. From planning to execution to making adjustments, our certified wireless experts are ready to jump in wherever. We can create entirely new wireless networks for multiple locations or simply support an existing segment.

A Proven Track Record of Happy Customers

Our SMG3 Wi-Fi Guys have delivered quality wireless services to hundreds of locations, supporting critical infrastructure sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation, plus prominent retail and warehousing businesses. The result is a 96% customer satisfaction rate and 99% retention rate amongst wireless service customers.

The SMG3 Wi-Fi Guys Experience

We take the stress and complexity out of wireless networking. By handling every stage of your configuration, providing 24x7 support, and adopting a mindset that no wireless issue is too big for us, we can solve any problem in front of us to produce reliable, secure wireless performance for your business.

Get More From Your Wireless Network with SMG3

If you're sick of slow, underperforming internet, contact the SMG3 Wi-Fi Guys today to see how we can optimize and maintain your wireless network for better performance and workforce productivity.