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Spend more time running your business and less time worrying about keeping tabs on your mobile devices. The EDGE by SMG3 is an enterprise mobility solution that offers instant visibility into your fleet so you can track and maintain your devices via our secure customer portal.

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Managed Services

Our Visibility Portal, built on Salesforce, gives you critical insights into your business. Track assets throughout the device life cycle, interact with our Support Team, and connect with our Customer Experience Team through a secure ticketing system.

Support Services

The EDGE platform streamlines the troubleshooting and management process by creating a collaborative environment between you and SMG3 and is completely customizable for your individual needs.

Deployment Services

The SMG3 service team will develop a rollout and configuration schedule to mass deploy your devices quickly. We’ll also make sure your iOS and Android systems are always up to date and secure.

Golden Image Services

Our Golden Image service creates a “source of truth” for all of your devices and user workflows. Your devices will be consistently configured to your precise needs across your mobile enterprise for a more secure, streamlined, and simple user experience.

Mobile Managed Services

Let us handle the complexities of enterprise mobile deployments. Our Mobile Managed Services includes the IT and process management needed to acquire, maintain, and support your connected mobile devices.

Design Managed Services

Our certified, highly skilled team designs mobile strategies that can be deployed across your enterprise with zero downtime and provide 99.9% device uptime in the field. It’s why we’re the partner of choice for enterprise retailers, healthcare networks, 3PL providers, distribution centers, and more.

Managing, Deploying & Supporting Your Devices

Mobile computers and handheld connected devices are business critical. SMG3 takes the complexities out of mobile deployment so you can stay focused on running your business.

SMG3 offers three packages to help you get the right EDGE for your needs

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Golden Image

SMG3’s Golden Image service is a standard, business-wide configuration created specifically for your devices and workflows. It’s built by our experienced team of engineers to give your organization the consistency it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Streamlines application deployment, user interface, settings management, and support across your mobile enterprise.
  • Reduces downtime while increasing productivity with quick and efficient repairs and re-deployment.
  • Protects your enterprise with regular maintenance and OS and security patch updates.
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Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Managed Services (MMS) encompass the IT and process management services required by a company to acquire, maintain, and support mobile devices, printers, scanners, and tablets, with integrated cellular and/or WiFi connectivity. SMG3’s MMS is also tooled to handle the complexities that come with enterprise deployments.

Spare Pool

You won’t need to worry about lost productivity due to malfunctioning or missing devices with SMG3’s Spare Pool benefit. We’ll keep a set of devices configured exactly to your specifications on hand. If you need to send in a device for repairs, we’ll ship you a spare to replace it while we work on the device. It’s one more way we help you keep your organization running efficiently and effectively.

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Visibility Portal

Visibility to your business intelligence is critical. SMG3’s Visibility Portal is built on Salesforce.com, allowing our customers to track their assets throughout the device life cycle. It also provides the ability to interact with the SMG3 Support Team and Customer Experience Team through a secure ticketing system.

Hands interacting with a dashboard on a mobile device

Dashboards & SOTI Information

The EDGE SOTI integration dashboard provides real-time information on your devices by location (warehouse, state, etc.) to monitor storage, batteries, check ins, and charging status. This will improve efficiency and provide you with full visibility of your business’ workforce and mobile devices.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Assessment & Strategy

Our team will analyze your current setup, reveal opportunities to create more efficiency, and develop a strategy to get you there.

Wireless Networking

From designing a new network, implementing your plan, to monitoring and maintaining your current network, our certified wireless engineers are here every step of the way.

System Implementation

Our experts will make sure your solution is seamlessly integrated into your operation following your customized mobile technology strategy.

Managed Service & Support

Our award-winning team is here to solve any challenges standing in the way of a more productive operation.

From networking to handhelds, SMG3’s technical experts will give your business the EDGE it needs. Let's Talk