Warehouse & Distribution

Optimizing the supply chain with operational visibility and workforce connectivity

Enabling a More Connected Distribution Network

Warehouses and distribution centers are the hub of our nation’s supply chains. Even the slightest impact from global events can disrupt a product’s journey and cause a rift in the entire economy. With many outside factors and pressure to meet harsh customer demands of fast delivery, companies need resilient technology that keeps the workforce productive and connected while maneuvering through a busy distribution facility.
SMG3 ensures your inventory is constantly moving with a range of mobile-management solutions, networking services, and innovative voice application tools that improve the warehouse worker experience.
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The Benefits of Using SMG3 EDGE

A Better Supply Chain Through Mobile Visibility and Unmatched Lifecycle Management Support

SMG3 EDGE is our complete suite of mobile-managed services for your warehouse to design, deploy, track, and maintain an effective mobile environment. Tailored to your warehouse needs, our solutions ensure your scanners, tablets, vehicle-mounted computers, and printers seamlessly integrate with your warehouse management systems (WMS) and give your workforce what they need to move products.

Mobile Solutions for a More Efficient Distribution Network

Active supply chains require that warehouse workers have best-in-class technology at their fingertips. They need reliable tools to track and scan inventory, receive accurate data for product selections, and process orders while navigating their massive facilities. SMG3 EDGE lets you optimize operations through end-to-end mobile device management. From deploying mobile devices to hardware repairs to lifecycle management, we handle everything so you can focus on your product's journey.

Enhanced Mobile Visibility for Your Warehouse

No one knows when the next major supply chain disruption will occur. Luckily, SMG3 EDGE lets you proactively address operational challenges by providing real-time visibility into your mobile environment and the supply chain. Between lifecycle tracking, device status updates, and inventory monitoring throughout its distribution journey, you get an unhindered view of your entire warehouse and its mobile assets with reliable technical support that ensures maximum productivity.

A Mobile Environment That Keeps Your Warehouse Running

Warehouses don't have time for operational slowdowns. Customers want their expected products fast and are happy to go to competitors after late or incorrect deliveries. SMG3 EDGE provides complete mobile lifecycle management with a spare pool so you can quickly replace your malfunctioning mobile devices while SMG3 handles the intricacies of the manufacturer return and repair process. It also includes 24x7 technician support to ensure your mobile technology performs as intended — ensuring nothing can slow down your warehouse.

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A Dynamic Warehouse Powered by SMG3 Mobile Management and Professional Technology Services

From mobile-management services to networking solutions to emerging technology, SMG3 puts the right tools in your warehouse workers' hands to store, track, and distribute products more efficiently. Check out our SMG3 services:

Warehouse Mobility That Propels Your Business Forward

Giving your warehouse a complete suite of mobile deployment, enrollment, and lifecycle support to stay productive and meet rising customer demands

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Mobile Technology That Lets Warehouse Workers Thrive

Providing scanners, tablets, vehicle-mounted computers, printers, and other devices that generate supply chain visibility and workforce productivity

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Dependable Internet to Unify Your Warehouse

Maintaining data access, application uptime, and non-stop warehouse communications through reliable Wi-Fi

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A More Connected Workforce Network

Establishing a network that helps supply chain partners and warehouse workers stay in sync throughout the distribution network

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Steadfast Printing for Supply Chain Visibility

Helping printers perform so you can stay up-to-date on customer orders, inventory shipments, and product deliveries

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A Hands-Free Worker Experience That Improves Productivity

Digitally transforming your warehouse with hands-free picking through voice application technology that boosts workforce productivity and reduces picking errors

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Transform Your Warehouse Operation with SMG3

If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you'll love SMG3 EDGE and our additional expert professional services.

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