Voice Systems ROI is Becoming More Appealing

Jeff Wereb, Account Manager/Voice Solutions Expert

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

Voice systems have historically been utilized in distribution centers in areas where direct labor costs are high, such as product selection (picking). Voice systems create their return on investment (ROI) by providing a work environment where the users stay hands-free and eyes-free so they can stay focused on the next unit of work. This allows for more productive hours per shift and reduces mis-picks by confirming the user is selecting the correct product. Recognition of spoken words and the conversion of voice to data require significant computational costs. Voice systems have traditionally used proprietary hardware and headsets primarily as single-function assets due to the limitations of computational resources in the hardware. The ROI of these assets is clearly defined in the initial phase of the deployment. As the proprietary hardware ages and becomes obsolete, due to product life cycles, distribution leadership struggles with the high cost of replacing the single-function assets with no additional ROI.

Advances in technology and operating systems, and voice recognition improvements, now permit voice systems to be abstracted from proprietary hardware and be run on lower-cost (often already owned) Android devices. This allows for multi-modal functionality of assets and eliminates the need for purchasing single-function devices. The same devices that are used for other data collection operations, such as receiving, put-away, and replenishment, can now be used to run voice selection applications with a headset.

As a result, this extends the use of your hardware assets which creates a reduction in the number of months it takes you to gain the ROI of voice systems. SMG3’s Voice experts will collaborate with and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect voice solution to fit your operations.

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