Analytics Derived from Voice Picking Transactions

Jeff Wereb, Account Manager/Voice Solutions Expert

JANUARY 5, 2024

An often-overlooked advantage firms can obtain from implementing SMG3 Voice solutions is highly granular data collected from the use of the system. This data, generated by the voice system, can be stored in files, and later analyzed for beneficial insights.  

Each user of the voice system generates log files for their specific instance. Often these files are later used in troubleshooting scenarios by the voice manufacturer to determine where system bugs may lie.

Some examples of the types of data collected are:

  • Time and date stamps for each pick
  • System-decoded words the user states
  • Repeated words
  • Instances of incorrectly decoded words
  • Received signal strength indicator (RSSI) values of the Wi-Fi Access point to which the user’s device gets connected

Then the data sets are used to stratify the user base, differentiating those who require retraining and those who can be permitted to increase the speed at which the voice system communicates to the user. Additionally, insights into the general health of the Wi-Fi network can be determined by the RSSI values and cross-comparing the signals to the locations of potential logged systems. Dialog counts of specific words can then be used to optimize the user’s experience and enable them to be more productive.

SMG3 voice experts are available to discuss how your business can gain productivity in addition to insightful data by utilizing SMG3 Voice to leverage a more efficient operation.

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