VOICE Applications

A powerful hands-free solution for more accurate and productive picking processes

SMG3 VOICE: A Hands-Free Experience to Picking Processes

Today’s inventory selectors are held captive by their facility processes. They’re stuck in an endless loop of up-and-down head movement, checking their hand-held devices to gather and check off selected inventory — only to find themselves spending far too much time on one selection or picking the wrong items altogether.

With the SMG3 VOICE applications, you get hardware and software solutions completely tailored to your operation. Say goodbye to hand-held devices and hello to a hands-free selection experience that improves picking processes while reducing selection errors and warehousing costs.

  • Voice Use-Case Assessments

    Unsure how the SMG3 VOICE applications apply to your operation? Don’t worry! Our voice experts work with you on-site to identify pain points in your inventory selection and counting processes — helping pinpoint use cases SMG3 VOICE can support. We’ll also outline how to integrate SMG3 VOICE tools within your entire technology stack for a comprehensive, real-time view of your operations.

  • Vendor-Agnostic Procurement

    With SMG3, there’s no need to worry about finding voice software compatible with your mobile hardware. As a brand-agnostic company, we don’t tie ourselves down to just one vendor. We partner with numerous technology providers to find and tailor your voice applications to your specific operations — offering a seamless integration process that gives you the right solutions for your needs.

  • Voice App Integration With SMG3 EDGE

    Our voice applications work directly with our SMG3 EDGE comprehensive service suite, so you can get a complete and accurate view of your inventory selection processes plus unwavering mobile-managed support on your technology — no need to stress about lifecycle tracking or maintenance for your voice devices. SMG3 EDGE offers the visibility to keep your voice solutions running 99.99% of the time with picking precision.

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Improved Operations Without Hand-Held Devices

SMG3 VOICE applications have changed the way warehouses and retailers operate, and our past performance proves it:

Better Picking Accuracy

Your team no longer needs to double-check screens during inventory selection and counting processes. Everything is done via the user's voice, which makes picking more accurate — yielding a 99.99% order accuracy rate and 90% correction of picking errors for customers who adopt SMG3 VOICE application technology.

Increased Productivity

Because selectors use a voice-operated headset, they can move fluidly throughout the facility in a hands-free environment while picking without taking time to press or click screens. The result is a 30% average increase in operational productivity thanks to less time spent counting or selecting inventory.

Reduced Costs

SMG3 VOICE customers see their employee training time drop by 85-90% due to its intuitive design and minimal learning curve requirements. Another plus is that you don't have to worry about repair or replacement costs since the devices are entirely hands-free and immune to being dropped.


Improve Your Picking Process with SMG3 VOICE

Schedule a Needs Assessment today to learn how the transformative SMG3 VOICE applications provide the ultimate hands-free picking experience that saves time, cuts costs, and improves picking accuracy.