Creating a connected, smarter fleet with innovative mobile solutions that enable real-time info sharing.

SMG3 EDGE Helps Drive Enterprise Success with a Healthy Supply Chain

Whether moving goods by water, rail, air, or truck, transportation businesses can feel the pressure. Trucking and driver shortages and high freight demands make information sharing between logistics managers, fleets, and loading areas critical for a healthy supply chain. Businesses can't afford downtime from malfunctioning mobile equipment, insufficient delivery routes, or poor communication systems.  

We give you the connectivity you need for success through mobility planning, end-to-end mobile device management, and networking solutions powered by the team of SMG3 experts.

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The Benefits of Using SMG3 EDGE

Robust Mobile Solutions That Create Smarter,

More Connected Fleets

SMG3 EDGE is our complete suite of mobile-managed services. From designing a mobile environment to handling deployments to ongoing support and lifecycle management, SMG3 EDGE lets you optimize your logistical routes and keep freight moving.

Meet Customer Demand with Ease

Getting your customers what they need when they need it is vital to their satisfaction and only gets more complex during high-demand seasons. SMG3 EDGE helps you design and execute a mobile strategy to stay on top of inventory, shipments, and logistics processes — giving you a boost in productivity to get more products to your customers on time and in full.

Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

Constant communication throughout your workforce ensures your products are always moving. We transform your loading environment into an intelligent information-sharing machine. By deploying emerging, top-of-the-line mobile technology into your fleet, you can receive and share real-time insights on inventory, shipments, and other activities that dramatically improve operational efficiencies — keeping the entire supply chain running.

Reduced Costs of Transportation

Insufficient processes, poor route planning, and costs to replace vital mobile devices are detrimental to your bottom line. Our mobile-managed services include mobility planning, provisioning, and automated deployments — letting you transport more inventory faster with fewer resources. Additionally, our spare pool services, accessible through the SMG3 EDGE Visibility Portal, get you ready-to-use replacement devices quickly so you can avoid downtime costs.

More Productive Transportation Operations Through Mobile Device Management and Process Improvement Support

From barcode scanners to telematics to vehicle inspection software, your transportation business needs an extensive range of resilient technology to keep trucks moving and deliver inventory on time. SMG3 ensures you have the right mobile tools, networking solutions, and maintenance support to stay connected and efficient. Check out our SMG3 services:

Expect More From Your Mobile Experience

Integrating mobile deployments, enrollments, lifecycle management, and support into one service for complete business mobility

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Mobile Devices for Your
Logistical Needs

Optimizing your routes with top-of-the-line tablets, scanners, printers, and other hardware that provide visibility and boost logistical efficiency

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A Reliable Network

Ensuring non-stop access to shipping, freight, and route information with dependable internet that follows you wherever you go

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Connectivity Between Drivers and Logistics Teams

Taking your business to the next level with networking solutions that ensure constant communication between everyone in the supply chain

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Keep Your Freight Moving with SMG3

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