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SMG3 EDGE Complete Mobile Support Services

So, you’ve finally launched your new mobile environment. Now what? Unfortunately, mobile management is a never-ending process. Failure to keep your devices constantly up-to-date can put you at risk of operating with old software and lackluster security controls. Plus, what if your users are having mobile performance issues? Who do they call? Luckily, we can help!

With SMG3 EDGE support services, you can leave mobile management to the experts. With up to 24×7 access to our team and ongoing upkeep of your environment, you never have to worry about your next deployment, system update, or continuous maintenance of your mobile devices.

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Mobile Management to Fix Issues Before They Impact Your Business

SMG3 EDGE works proactively to keep your mobile environment running smoothly and ensure users get the best possible experience with their devices.

Device Tracking (PinPoint)

Never lose a mobile device again with PinPoint, a cloud-based solution that lets you track lost devices. Powered by Zebra Device Tracker, our location services work for any Zebra Android device in your facility, helping you avoid spending countless hours looking for devices or hundreds of thousands in replacement costs.

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24x7 Mobile Technician Support

Need to troubleshoot a problem with your mobile environment? Our team is just a phone call away and accessible in the SMG3 EDGE platform to resolve anything standing in the way of your business goals.

Golden Image Version Control

No more stressing about your next mobile deployment. With Golden Image, we not only create the digital blueprint for standardized mobile deployments, but we also keep it up-to-date with the latest software releases and security updates. Handling version control through a Golden Image prevents devices from updating automatically. Instead, our team of experts ensures your devices and environment are ready to handle anything new that comes along with the update without crashing your fleet of devices or your environment.

MDM Implementation Service

With constant operating system (OS) updates, changes in security policies, and software that needs updating, a solid MDM program is vital to ensuring mobile devices continuously operate at peak performance. We'll enroll you into our SMG3 EDGE platform for non-stop mobile visibility and management.

Proactive MDM That Keeps Users Happy and Operations Running Smoothly

SMG3 EDGE support services allow you to focus on improving your business by taking on the tedious, ongoing MDM requirements:

Supplement Your IT Support Team

No need to invest in additional IT resources to support MDM. SMG3 will maintain your mobile environment, so you can focus on projects that drive business success.

Provide Your Users a Better Mobile Experience

A happy employee is an efficient one. By keeping devices constantly up-to-date and providing 24x7 access to our mobile technicians, your team can quickly resolve their device issues before they impact the day-to-day.

Keep Devices Secure and Running at Peak Performance

Ongoing maintenance helps ensure device quality. From updating operating systems to software to security controls, we'll ensure you get the most from your mobile environment and never experience operational downtime.

Be Better Prepared for Future Deployments

Mobile deployments no longer need to be a hassle. With Golden Image and ongoing versioning controls that keep the digital blueprint up-to-date with the latest software and security updates, you'll have what you need for simple, standardized deployments.

Improve Mobile Visibility

We not only plan and implement a robust MDM program for your business but also let you continuously stay up-to-date through the intuitive SMG3 EDGE platform that enables you to track updates, support cases, and maintenance activity in real time.

Choose SMG3 EDGE for Your Mobile Management Needs

If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you'll love SMG3 EDGE.

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