Mobile Managed Services (MMS)

Setting your users up for success by providing expertly configured, ready-to-work out-of-the-box mobile devices
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SMG3 EDGE Mobile Managed Services

Before deploying your mobile environment, extensive work goes into preparing devices so that users have reliable tools that don’t let them down:

  • Uploading, configuring, and testing mobile software
  • Matching devices with mobile accessories
  • Compiling documentation for each device
  • Migrating and keeping up with OS and software updates
  • Shipping out devices to individual users
  • Maintaining the performance quality of each device

The list goes on and on. It’s a massive time commitment and expense if you want dependable mobile technology that meets high-performance standards. So, why not partner with an expert who can take this enormous burden off your team? Through diligent device preparation and quality control processes, our mobile managed services help you get the most from your mobile technology.

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Get Peace of Mind That Your Mobile Technology Will Perform

SMG3 EDGE puts tedious mobile management processes into the hands of our experts so you can focus on running your business.

Mobile Staging & Kitting

We'll upload, configure, and test your mobile software before deployment, plus make sure you have all the necessary accessories and product documentation so your mobile devices are ready to go.

OS Migration & Update Support

Our engineers will keep your mobile environment running on the most up-to-date Android and iOS operating systems (OS), so your team can always work securely without interruption.

Mobile Configuration & Interface Services

The SMG3 team sets up network connections, interface displays, applications, and security settings so every mobile device meets each user's specific needs.

Quality Control for Mobile Performance

We'll continuously monitor and test your mobile environment to ensure devices function correctly, meet security standards, and maintain uptime with non-stop mobile device management (MDM) support.

Enabling Better Mobile Performance for Less

Our SMG3 EDGE mobile managed service is the cost-cutting, time-saving MDM solution you've been waiting for:

Save Time on Tedious Configuration

SMG3 experts configure and reconfigure mobile devices for your team — letting you focus on more pressing business needs.

Keep Your Devices Up-to-Date

We implement a tactical approach to updating your operating systems throughout your device lifecycles, eliminating the risk of update-related or patch incompatibility downtime, so you get a fully secure mobile environment without skipping a beat.

Maintain 99.99% Mobile Uptime

You'll never have to worry about losing money or productivity due to mobile downtime — our team handles configurations and system updates for you that keep devices running.

A Mobile Environment Tailored to Each User

Our provisioning is customized for each role based on individual features and security needs — maximizing each user's mobile experience and productivity.

Choose SMG3 EDGE for Your Mobile Management Solution

If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you'll love SMG3 EDGE.

Schedule a Needs Assessment today to learn how SMG3 EDGE puts mobile device management in the hands of the experts — giving you the ultimate time-saving, cost-cutting, and performance-boosting solution that enables enterprise success.