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Creating smoother, more efficient mobile deployments through automation and expert support
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SMG3 EDGE Mobile Deployment Services

When managing mobile environments, the deployment phase is often the most stressful. Convoluted device enrollment, incompatible software and hardware, and manual configurations are just a few roadblocks your team may face when handling large-scale deployment.

Not anymore! With SMG3 EDGE deployment services, you get access to mobile experts who put this tedious process on autopilot for your business — letting you quickly scale your mobile environment with ease and get a fast ROI on your mobile technology.

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Win at Deployment with SMG3 EDGE

SMG3 EDGE combines project management, engineering, and industry-specific expertise into one solution to ensure mobile deployments meet your unique workflow and business requirements.

Automated Device Enrollment

The SMG3 EDGE team of mobile device operating system experts removes the possibility of slow-moving, error-prone deployments by working with you to develop your Golden Image. This intelligently designed configuration blueprint guarantees that when your new devices arrive onsite they are ready to use, right out of the box, with the push of a single button.

Expertly Managed Deployment Projects

With hundreds of mobile deployments at scale, we can anticipate configuration issues before they occur and ensure rollouts go as intended — letting you focus on your business. That's why we have a 96% satisfaction rate amongst SMG3 EDGE customers.

SMG3 EDGE Platform Training for Mobile Visibility

Post-deployment, our technicians ensure you have the knowledge and skills to operate the SMG3 EDGE platform to track device usage, monitor battery life, plan for future deployments, and gain visibility into other critical mobile data.

Automation and Experts That Drive Deployment Success

SMG3 EDGE shifts the burden of mobile deployments into the hands of our experts so you can focus on improving your bottom line and supporting customers:

Deploy More Devices Faster

Whether it's an immediate deployment of a few assets, an entirely new mobile environment, or extended rollouts over time, our golden imaging and implementation services let you quickly get devices into users' hands.

Ensure a Consistent Mobile Deployment

From planning to execution to monitoring, SMG3 builds the deployment process and gets your new mobile devices out to users with end-to-end project management support.

Maintain Robust Security During and After Deployments

Throughout the mobile deployment process, we keep your assets and data protected by leveraging two-step authentication, physical safety measures, and other controls that enhance mobile security.

Leverage Our Experts to Ensure Mobile Performance

We aren't just mobile specialists but also project management experts who understand your industry-specific requirements — giving you a smooth deployment that ensures mobile uptime and confidence that your devices will meet operational goals.

Get Better Insights into Your Mobile Environment

Utilizing the SMG3 EDGE Visibility Portal combined with your dedicated team of SMG3 EDGE experts you can stay up-to-date on device locations, usage, status, and activity in a single interface post-deployment, so you can always plan for what's next.

Choose SMG3 EDGE for Comprehensive Mobile Management

If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you'll love SMG3 EDGE.

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