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Providing the digital blueprint for consistent, automated mobile deployments
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SMG3 EDGE Golden Image Services

Let’s be honest: Configuring your mobile technology by hand, one by one, for large-scale deployments is brutal. Tedious and error-ridden, manual configurations take far too much time out of your day and can’t even guarantee consistency across the enterprise. One device might have the wrong operating system, while another didn’t adopt the company’s security policies. Either way, it’ll only cause you headaches down the line.

Luckily, with SMG3 EDGE, you’re not just good — you’re GOLDEN. Utilizing our mobile experts, the SMG3 EDGE Golden Image service provides a digital blueprint and a single source of truth for mobile configurations. Every device is intelligently pre-configured based on what you need to meet the performance, security, and operating requirements your business demands.

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Operational Consistency Across Your Mobile Environment

SMG3’s EDGE services give you access to the tools and expertise needed to streamline and create coherency across the entirety of your environment through intelligent device configuration and mobile strategy.

Mobile Interface Design

Our engineers create the mobile interface, including layouts, buttons, and other visual elements for your desired specifications, to ensure user-friendly and consistent experiences across your entire team.

Software Configuration

SMG3 EDGE experts install and integrate applications for your mobile technology to comply with your company policies, workflows, and mobile management requirements.

Support From Trained Engineers

We provide mobility experts to help you standardize rollouts within your mobile environment, plus ongoing technical services to maintain consistency in performance, operability, and security.

Operating System Baselining

We identify and implement operating systems (OS) that align with your tech stack needs, stay on top of OS security updates, and provide software maintenance per your mobile requirements.

Standardized Mobile Configurations That Save Time and Optimize Workflows

The SMG3 EDGE Golden Image service ensures your business-wide mobile configurations go smoothly and meet your infrastructure needs every time:

Eliminate Your Mobile Configuration Mistakes

SMG3 EDGE Golden Image takes the human factor out of mobile configurations starting with a consultation, leading to intelligent design of your configurations — allowing you to standardize and reduce the risks of user errors which can prolong and complicate deployment projects.

Earn Time Back with Faster Deployments

Using a preset, customized configuration schedule, SMG3 EDGE Golden Image lets you streamline mass mobile deployments by putting interface design and device settings management activity in the experienced hands of our mobile configuration experts.

Create Consistency in Your Mobile Environment

By developing a central digital blueprint for mobile deployments, you get a single source of truth within your mobile operation. All devices are configured exactly the same across the board for consistent functionality, security settings, and user experiences.

Improve Your Mobile Security

SMG3 EDGE Golden Image services stays on top of software patching and scheduled OS updates for your mobile devices — ensuring robust security controls that protect your enterprise.

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If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you'll love SMG3 EDGE.

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