Giving your enterprise a robust mobile strategy with a long-term vision in mind
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SMG3 EDGE Mobile Device Strategy Design Services

Mobile technology powers our supply chains. And while manufacturers, warehouses, logistics companies, and retailers understand that they need mobile tools to operate, many don’t consider the long-term, strategic side of mobile management — the risks, such as:

  • Overpaying for mobile technology you don’t need
  • High overhead costs for mobile device management
  • A mobile environment that can’t scale or adapt to changing business needs
  • Lower productivity due to broken or poorly managed mobile equipment

That’s where the SMG3 EDGE design and configuration services come in! Tailored based on your unique workflows and technology stack, SMG3 EDGE helps you create and execute a mobile strategy suited to your business needs so you can achieve enterprise success with ease.

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Setting a Strong Foundation for Your Mobile Device Management Program

Leveraging our mobile expertise and industry-specific experience, SMG3 EDGE removes the burden of mobile planning so you can focus on the most important areas of your business.

Workflow Analysis

SMG3 EDGE experts deeply evaluate processes within your facility, including inventory production, tracking, shipping, POS, and order processing, to find areas the business can optimize via mobile devices.

Required App Evaluations

Our engineers determine which software best suits your mobile technology based on the operating system (OS) compatibility, business workflows, and IT infrastructure to ensure a seamless mobile integration process.

Mobile Device Technology Roadmapping

The SMG3 team develops a long-term plan to roll out a new or updated mobile environment based on your business goals and a realistic timeline for implementation to ensure a smooth mobile transformation.

Platform Configuration

Our technicians plan the proper software installs for your mobile hardware and enroll your devices into the EDGE platform — letting you easily manage your mobile environment, align devices with company policies, and maintain quality control from a central interface.

A Complete Mobile Strategy That Benefits End Users and Your Entire Business

SMG3 EDGE is the comprehensive end-to-end mobile management solution your enterprise has been waiting for:

A Tailored Mobile Strategy Geared to Your Enterprise

With SMG3 EDGE, no more wasting money on generic, ineffective mobile equipment that frustrates your users. With a system-built mobile strategy that suits your workflows, infrastructure, and workforce usability requirements, you get reliable mobile technology that boosts productivity while ensuring an excellent user experience from top to bottom.

Long-Term Mobility That Can Adapt to Any Changes

A sound mobile strategy focuses on the long term. SMG3 EDGE gives your enterprise a flexible mobile environment that can scale with increasing customer demands, quickly adapt to technological advancements, and adjust for marketplace threats — letting you remain competitive now and into the future.

End-to-End Support to Optimize Mobile Performance

SMG3 EDGE extends far beyond strategic advisory services. We offer expert, complete mobile device management throughout the entire lifecycle to maximize mobile uptime and security within your operation — giving you more than just product recommendations or a mobile technology roadmap.

Choose SMG3 EDGE for Robust Mobile Management

If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you’ll love SMG3 EDGE.

Schedule a Needs Assessment today to learn how SMG3 EDGE provides the ultimate time-saving, cost-cutting, and performance-boosting solution to mobile management that lets you achieve enterprise success.