The comprehensive, end-to-end solution
to mobile managed services


Mobile devices are essential assets for many of today’s businesses. From tracking inventory to moving products to processing transactions, nothing gets done without reliable mobile technology at your employees’ fingertips.

So, how do you maintain visibility in your mobile environment, ensure deployments go smoothly, and maximize mobile device performance?

Answer: With SMG3 EDGE

SMG3 EDGE is our comprehensive suite of mobile-managed services. SMG3 EDGE offers end-to-end lifecycle management, deployment support, access to 24×7 mobile experts, and a self-service platform to track mobile usage, plan system updates, and communicate with technicians for troubleshooting — all letting you simplify mobile management so you can focus your time on running your business.

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The Complete Mobile Experience

SMG3 EDGE empowers you to take control of your mobile environment, including scanners, printers, and tablets — no more lost devices, slow deployments, or not knowing when the next product update is. SMG3 EDGE is your window for instant visibility and access to expert mobile support. Beyond the portal dashboard, SMG3 EDGE offers the following integrated components for comprehensive mobile management:


  • Workflow analysis
  • Required apps evaluation
  • Mobile strategy development and device technology roadmapping
  • Platform configuration

Golden Image

  • User-interface design for
mobile devices
  • Software configuration
  • Trained engineer support
  • Operating system (OS) baselining

Mobile Managed Services

  • Staging and kitting for
mobile deployments
  • Mobile OS migrations
  • Mobile configuration
  • Quality control for the
mobile environment

Mobile Deployments

  • Automated device enrollment
  • Project management for
mobile deployments


  • 24×7 mobile technician support
  • Golden image version control
  • Software releases and
security updates
  • Device tracking (PinPoint)
  • Mobile device management (MDM) program implementation
  • EDGE Training

Lifecycle Management

  • Visibility portal
  • Spare pool
  • Real-time reports
  • Supplementary training as needed
  • Buy back and disposal programs

Taking the Complexities Out of
Mobile Deployments

SMG3 EDGE empowers you to manage your mobile devices more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

SMG3 EDGE Saves Time

Go From:

Manual configurations and lengthy device replacements


Automated deployments and streamlined spare pool support

SMG3 EDGE Boosts Mobile Performance

Go From:

Out-of-date operating systems and
constant mobile downtime


Expert lifecycle support that maintains
mobile security and uptime

SMG3 EDGE Cuts Costs

Go From:

Overspending on maintenance and losing profits due to mobile downtime


Expert device management that fits your budget and ensures mobile operability

SMG3 EDGE Enhances Visibility

Go From:

Mobile lifecycle tracking on spreadsheets


Self-service, intuitive mobile management platform for effortless device monitoring

Selecting the Right SMG3 EDGE
Package for You

SMG3 offers three packages to help you get the right solutions for your needs:

EDGE Professional 2100


For businesses that need basic dashboard reporting for deep insights into their devices

  • Phone and email technical support
  • Real-time device data across business locations
  • Real-time monitoring and management of technical support cases
  • EDGE portal reporting for viewing contracts in real time
  • Device serial numbers and movement tracking 
  • Basic Repair Authorizations for repair if devices are damaged or malfunction
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EDGE Ultimate 3100


For businesses needing support, data insights, and advanced, customizable dashboards tailored to your precise needs

Everything included in
EDGE Professional 2100 plus

  • Contract renewal tracking in real time 
  • Advanced Repair Authorizations for repair if devices are damaged or malfunction, includes reconfiguration after repair
  • Access to SMG3’s device spare pool to keep your business running without downtime
  • Advanced personalized analytics with intuitive reporting
  • Expanded dashboard customization options letting you prioritize business insights, including deployment maps, quoting options, device update tracking, and online ordering
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EDGE Enterprise 4100


For businesses that need a fully loaded SMG3 EDGE package with robust reporting and visibility into assets and workflows

Everything included in
EDGE Ultimate 3100 plus

  • 24×7 technical support
  • A dedicated engineer in a warehouse monitoring your account
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Why Choose SMG3 EDGE? 

There’s a reason clients continue using SMG3 EDGE. It’s easy to use, offers immediate access to our support teams, and helps streamline all mobile device lifecycle management activity in one place.



Experience in Hundreds of Deployments

We've delivered hundreds of SMG3 EDGE deployments across various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, transportation, retail, and healthcare.



Retention Rate for

SMG3 EDGE Clients

With an intuitive interface, robust features, and direct access to our support team, it’s clear why users keep coming back to manage their mobile device lifecycle with the SMG3 EDGE.



Customer Satisfaction Rate

Thanks to the positive financial impact of the SMG3 EDGE platform and its excellent user experience, customers remain satisfied with what SMG3 EDGE offers.



Deployed and Managed Devices
at Scale

With over 100,000 mobile units under management and experience supporting various large-scale mobile deployments, no task is too tall for SMG3 EDGE.

Achieve Enterprise Success with SMG3 EDGE

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