Give your customers a seamless shopping experience by leveraging best-in-class mobile devices and retail technology

SMG3 EDGE Gives Your Customers Faster Product Delivery and a Better Retail Experience

Between the growing number of eCommerce stores, unpredictable supply chains, and impatient customers who want their products quickly, retailers are more vulnerable than ever. Just one lousy shopping experience can push your customer right to a competitor. Reliable mobile tools, a high-performing wireless network, and supply chain connectivity are now vital to retailer sustainability and profitability.

From solid internet to innovative voice app solutions to your mobile environment, SMG3 helps you manage your technology assets so you can offer customers a seamless checkout experience and assurance they'll always have their favorite products in stock.

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The Benefits of Using SMG3 EDGE

End-to-End Mobile Management That Keeps Inventory Full and Checkout Processes Fast

Mobile technology is the cornerstone of retail success. SMG3 EDGE is our complete suite of mobile-managed services that helps your store design, deploy, and maintain your mobile tools through our team of experts. With high-performing mobile assets available to your team, including scanners, tablets, printers, and portable computers, you can keep the supply chain moving, inventory stocked, and get products quickly out of warehouses and into customers' hands.

Mobile Solutions to Maintain a Full Inventory

Nothing impedes a good customer experience like being out of a top-selling product. SMG3 EDGE lets you minimize out-of-stock situations and ensure you always meet customer demands. By helping you deploy, enroll, and maintain top-of-the-line scanning tools connected to your warehouse management systems (WMS), you can track inventory data in real time to always have replenishments ready to go.

Expedite Product Scanning and Checkouts with Reliable Mobile Technology

Mobile barcode scanners keep retail associates productive and customers happy. Whether finding discounts at the point-of-sale (POS), validating an inventory shipment, or delivering a fast checkout, everything starts with a scan. SMG3 EDGE ensures you never miss out on a sales opportunity by providing and managing reliable mobile tools for your store and quickly replacing broken equipment — letting you avoid downtime and fly past the competition.

Leverage Mobile Tools to Improve the Retail Experience

Today's retail world is packed full of choices. Luckily, SMG3 EDGE is here to provide a better retail experience for both your customers and associates. By helping your store deploy the right mobile tools and providing comprehensive mobile device management (MDM), your employees can get more accurate inventory reporting, track product shipments, improve the point of sales (POS), and provide excellent service that converts loyal customers into brand advocates.

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Helping Stores Digitally Transform to Improve Customer Retention and Profitability

SMG3 provides comprehensive mobile management, networking, and innovative technology solutions that help retailers improve their bottom line and accelerate past the competition.

Expert Mobile Management That Lets You Prioritize Customers

Giving your store end-to-end deployment and lifecycle support to take control of your mobile environment and help your business thrive

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Quality Mobile Equipment for Your Workforce

Ensuring your associates have what they need to assist customers and track inventory with top-of-the-line barcode scanners, printers, and mobile computers

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Reliable Internet Accessible to Associates and Customers

Providing high-performing, secure Wi-Fi that keeps your operation moving and customers satisfied

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Improved Vendor and Team Connectivity

Establishing a steadfast network that lets teams streamline POS activity, communicate with one another, and engage with distribution partners

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Dependable Printing to Ensure Product Delivery and Supply Chain Efficiency

Maintaining printer uptime to create a scannable product line for inventory monitoring and tracking shipments

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A Hands-Free Associate Experience That Gets the Right Products in Customers' Hands

Innovating your retail operation with voice application tools for a hands-free picking experience that boosts workforce productivity and reduces picking errors

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Deliver an Exceptional Retail Experience with SMG3

If you scan barcodes with mobile devices, you'll love SMG3 EDGE and our additional professional service arsenal.

Schedule a Needs Assessment today to learn how SMG3 EDGE, paired with our additional, extensive professional solutions, can help your employees keep inventory stocked, boost efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service that levels up your store.