Printer Repair & Maintenance

Ensuring your printers always run at peak performance so you can track inventory and facilitate the flow of information

Repairing Your Printers Before They Halt the Supply Chain

Dependable label printing is a non-negotiable for warehouses and distribution networks to track, ship, and manage inventory. Just one out-of-commission printer can drastically impact the flow of products — clogging up the entire supply chain. Unfortunately, printing upkeep is a costly, tedious process that takes time away from other vital business activities.

At SMG3, we take on the burden to ensure your equipment never lets you down. Whether your printers are mobile, onsite, or a combination of both, SMG3 provides proactive maintenance and repair service, so you never have to worry about the accuracy and reliability of your next label.

  • Configuration and Setup

    Are you looking to jumpstart your operation with industrial printing suited to your unique workflow needs? Our technicians can come onsite to calibrate your settings, connect your printer to the wireless network, and get your printing equipment up and running, so you can quickly ship products out to your customers.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Don’t skip out on equipment upkeep that can prolong the life of your printer and produce a better return on investment (ROI). From upgrading firmware and drivers to cleaning printer components to replacing worn-out parts, we’ll help your printers evade future problems with preventative maintenance services.

  • Printer Troubleshooting

    There’s nothing worse than not understanding the cause of printing performance issues or overpaying for something that could’ve been an easy fix. Whether it’s network connectivity issues, poor-quality printing, or a simple paper jam, our experts diagnose the root cause of your printing issues for a swift resolution.

  • Emergency Repair and Replacement Services

    Your operation simply does not have time for equipment downtime and slow printing jobs. At a moment’s notice, when something breaks, SMG3 is there for you. With ready-to-go parts and personnel, we can fix or replace your printer components before they impact the customer.


Reliable Printing for a Reliable Supply Chain

With expert technicians, SMG3 maximizes printing uptime in your operation for accurate information flow and inventory tracking while improving your bottom line.

Speedy Printer Support

Don't let printing downtime stop you from achieving enterprise goals. When you need emergency repairs, we're just a phone call away. Quickly arriving onsite, our team can troubleshoot the issue and then replace or fix printer parts, so you can maintain productivity.

Save on Costly Maintenance

Frequent printer upkeep lets you avoid expensive repairs that eat away at your margins. Our preventative maintenance services allow your printing equipment to stay ahead and prevent performance issues that could arise down the line — saving you unnecessary costs.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Barcodes are the guiding force behind a distribution network. Without accurate, scannable label printing, you can't track inventory levels or movements — keeping you blind. We optimize printer performance and uptime so you always have eyes on the supply chain.

Keep Information Flowing

From shipping labels to invoices to inventory reports and everything in between, your team relies on data to complete tasks and make decisions. Our maintenance and repair services keep your printers running, so you can generate and disseminate accurate information vital to your operation.

Get Expert Printer Maintenance Support with SMG3

Don't let broken, slow, or out-of-date printers impact supply chain visibility and hinder enterprise success.

Schedule a Needs Assessment to learn how SMG3 keeps your operation running by repairing, maintaining, and supporting both mobile and onsite printers.