EDGE PinPoint

Providing your team the tools and visibility to identify and locate lost mobile devices

EDGE PinPoint: The Path to Tracking Down Your Missing Mobile Devices

In the fast-paced world of warehouse and distribution operations, urgency takes center stage. Picture this: from answering urgent calls to swiftly transferring goods between departments and responding to unexpected situations, your team is in perpetual motion. Amidst these critical moments, mobile devices often go astray, disrupting the regular workflow. So, how do you efficiently locate these essential tools when it’s time to restore order?

Part of the suite of SMG3 EDGE services, EDGE PinPoint is a cloud-based solution that lets you track lost devices, including mobile computers, tablets, wearables, and more. Powered by Zebra Device Tracker, our location services work for any Zebra Android device in your facility, helping you avoid spending countless hours looking for devices or hundreds of thousands in replacement costs.

  • EDGE PinPoint offers a variety of methods to detect mobile devices. It can track through them using a Wi-Fi connection for anything on the network, through map-based tracking, which maps out your facility, departments, and other locations to find devices. EDGE PinPoint can find devices that have been powered down using a Geiger counter-style proximity location software and Bluetooth Low Energy battery (BLE) technology. You can even use the device ringing feature when you’re close to the lost device’s location and the device is out of physical view.

  • EDGE PinPoint supports all Zebra Android mobile products, from portable scanners to tablets. Your team gets instant visibility into the device’s location so they can stay productive. The EDGE Visibility Portal also provides non-location data like battery percentage and user activity for better mobile management. 

  • Is your mobile device low on battery or powered off entirely? No need to worry; EDGE PinPoint can still find it. Many Zebra devices carry secondary Bluetooth proximity beacons, which continue to transmit a ping for up to a week after being shut down or disconnected from Wi-Fi—giving staff plenty of time to get devices up and running to avoid downtime.


Maintain Mobile Uptime by Locating Missing Devices

EDGE PinPoint ensures that your warehouse never experiences downtime due to misplaced devices. By leveraging advanced mobile technology, you can optimize your supply chain processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs:

Never Lose a Mobile Device Again

Say goodbye to stress and headaches when your team misplaces a device. With EDGE PinPoint, it's easy to find the precise location of your handheld scanner, mobile computer, or tablet — regardless of department, battery status, or device type.

Spend Less Time Searching for Devices and More Time on Operations

When you're constantly trying to locate your lost mobile devices, that's time and attention away from critical work. EDGE PinPoint works near-instantly to locate your equipment, ensuring smoother operations and better resource utilization.

Minimize Mobile TCO

Between downtime and replacement, the total cost of ownership (TCO) diminishes your bottom line when a device goes missing. But with EDGE PinPoint, you can quickly find your mobile device and get it back up and running, letting you avoid unnecessary IT expenses.

Keep Tabs on Your Mobile Device Data

EDGE PinPoint can do more than just locate your mobile devices. To provide unmatched visibility, you can get key mobile insights through the EDGE Visibility Portal such as the last user, battery percentage, and device performance in real-time or through automated email reports.

Turn Device Downtime into Device Uptime with EDGE PinPoint

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