Networking & Cabling Services

Establishing connectivity throughout your business and supply chain with network hardware installation and optimization

Connectivity That Lets You Move Data Faster, Stay Engaged With Customers, and Unify the Supply Chain

Between the mobile devices, heavy-duty equipment, and complex infrastructure required, establishing a reliable network in a supply chain business is no easy task. Navigating all the hardware involved is one thing; ensuring that the cabling is installed correctly for a reliable, secure, and scalable network is another.

With SMG3 technician support, you no longer need to worry about network configuration or maintenance. Tailored to your specific facility and workflow needs, our experts can install, maintain, and optimize your network so you can keep products moving and better connect the supply chain with ease.

  • Site and Environmental Surveying

    Whether you run a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center, no two locations are the same. That’s why we start with a comprehensive analysis of your physical site, environment, and infrastructure to establish a plan of action. Once we know the “where” and “how,” we can give you reliable network coverage that meets the specific needs of your business.

  • Network Hardware Installation

    Between the routers, switches, ports, firewalls, servers, and other hardware, your network comprises numerous components that come together to support your business. We take on the rigorous configuration process by procuring and installing the hardware so you can prevent security incidents through visibility, maintain high internet speeds, and keep data moving.

  • Cabling Services

    Efficient communications between your devices demand durable cabling that can overcome harsh environmental hazards. Our technicians plan and install your cabling infrastructure so you can establish a reliable network that meets rigorous uptime, processing speed, and security standards — helping your technology seamlessly support you.

  • Network Validation and Optimization

    Never settle for poor network quality. Slow internet and inconsistent processing speeds hinder your team’s ability to communicate and stay connected with the supply chain — ultimately impacting the customer. Through constantly analyzing performance, identifying issues, and adjusting accordingly, SMG3 ensures you always have a reliable network at your disposal.


A Quality Network to Enable an Efficient Supply Chain

With expert-managed cabling and network hardware, you get complete visibility of your infrastructure, reliable communications, and a productivity boost that initiates success throughout the whole supply chain.

End-to-End Network Support

From surveying to installation to ongoing maintenance, our technicians take care of your business' entire networking and cabling process so you can focus on value-added activity that supports your customers and supply chain partners.

A More Scalable Network Design

Don't limit your network's growth potential to just your current tech stack and data capacity needs. SMG3 works proactively to ensure you have a resilient network that can quickly adapt to resource scaling requirements, increased customer demands, and new technology.

Better Comms for Top Performance

With nonstop network validation and optimization, you get reliable, high-speed performance that can withstand any harsh environment to foster communications throughout your team and the supply chain — keeping productivity high.

Supply Chain Security

Supply chain cyber-attacks can have drastic, widespread consequences on manufacturers, distributors, and all the way to the customer. Using only top-of-the-line hardware and our expertise in protecting a network perimeter, you get unmatched operational connectivity that meets rigorous security standards.

Get Expert Support for Your Facility's Infrastructure with SMG3

Don't let hardware misconfigurations, messy cabling, or a slow network hinder enterprise success.

Schedule a Needs Assessment to learn how SMG3 can optimize and maintain your network, from top to bottom, for better supply chain connectivity, cabling performance, and uptime.