Providing dependable clinical smartphone technology and real-time information-sharing that improve patient outcomes


SMG3Rx EDGE for Healthcare: End-to-End Clinical Mobility as a Platform to Provide Better Patient Care

In healthcare, time is always of the essence. Clinicians need real-time, on-the-go access to medical data and dependable communications with staff to ensure quality patient care is delivered. They simply don’t have the time to deal with outdated communication systems and unreliable mobile technology that could disrupt treatment or result in fatal errors.

The SMG3Rx EDGE suite of services enables clinical mobility in healthcare. We pair reliable devices with comprehensive mobile management, so you can get the information you need to deliver quality care, regardless of where you are in the facility or even caring remotely.

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The Benefits of Using SMG3 EDGE

Improved Mobility, Communications, and Patient Outcomes

SMG3Rx EDGE combines mobile deployment, visibility, lifecycle management, and ongoing support into one service package. With SMG3Rx EDGE, you can transform your healthcare facility by giving clinicians unmatched mobility throughout the facility with the assurance that their clinical smartphones won't disappoint.

Increase Engagement Between Staff and Patients

Mobile technology keeps you connected. Whether it is getting secure texts for a treatment update, letting patients alert clinicians for assistance, or accessing health records while roaming the facility, everything boils down to a reliable mobile environment. We deploy and manage that mobile environment, so you're constantly communicating.

Sustain Reliable Device Uptime

Downtime is not an option when lives are at stake. With SMG3Rx, you get full mobile support to deliver quality healthcare services to patients confidently – knowing your clinical smartphones, scanners, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, healthcare cradles, and wristband label printers will provide the information you need when you need it.

Simplify Your Mobile Deployments

As a healthcare facility, your primary focus should be delivering quality patient care. So why stress about that next mobile deployment? With SMG3Rx EDGE, we'll take on the tall task of deployment planning, enrolling new devices, and giving your team EDGE training for mobile visibility so you can activate your devices without halting the operation.

Maintain Robust Security in Your Healthcare Facility

Between cyber attacks and rigorous compliance requirements, healthcare is always facing vulnerabilities. When it comes to mobile security, there's no need to worry. Our team will keep your operating systems (OS) up-to-date, properly dispose of end-of-life devices, and give you complete visibility into your environment for robust security.

SMG3Rx Integrates Resilient Technology That Improves Patient Outcomes

SMG3Rx EDGE, paired with our additional professional services, takes your hospital to the next level with mobile management, networking, and communication solutions that enhance the patient experience and enable operational success.

A Mobile Environment That Won't Let Your Clinicians Down

More efficient mobile deployments, 24x7 technician support, and end-to-end device lifecycle management to ensure mobile uptime and security at your healthcare facility

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Mobile Equipment to Access Patient Data and Stay Connected

Ensure the best patient treatment possible with clinical smartphones, scanners, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, healthcare cradles, wristband label printers, and other mobile hardware

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A Reliable Wireless Network for Your Facility

Connect your mobile environment, enable clinician communication, bring your healthcare technology together, and optimize patient experience with dependable, secure Wi-Fi

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Healthcare Collaboration Powered by Networking Solutions

Hardware installation and maintenance to keep your Electronic Health Records (EHR) applications, telemedicine tools, communication systems, and patient monitoring software in sync

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Patient Labels That Are Always Ready to Print

Providing equipment upkeep, preventative maintenance, and repairs on your facility's printers when needed — ensuring patients always have up-to-date label information for clinicians to best treat them

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Sure Communications Throughout Your Healthcare Facility

Supplying and managing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), secure texting, alert management, and nurse call systems for multi-channel communication that gets you the information you need to deliver quality care

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Dramatically Improve Efficiencies with SMG3Rx EDGE Solutions

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