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Seamless Product Procurement to Execute Your Mobile Strategy

Reliable mobile technology empowers businesses to keep pushing forward. From processing sales transactions and inventory scanning to on-the-go data access and printing labels, nothing happens without trustworthy hardware in the palm of a user’s hand. With so many options, however, finding the right tools that meet your unique operational requirements and budget can be overwhelming.  

Leveraging our partnerships with prominent vendors like Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and others, we can get you the mobile assets you need to keep products moving and enhance the customer experience. Whether you need a hand-held, vehicle-mounted, or wearable device, we can support all your mobile procurement needs.

  • Mobile Computers

    Today’s workforce needs on-the-go capabilities to stay productive while navigating hospitals and other large facilities. Our professional services team can procure the necessary tools your enterprise needs to succeed. With both hand-held and pistol grip options, we can get you intuitive, Android-supported mobile computers with models such as TC75x, CT4x, and many others — letting you enhance communication and provide seamless data accessibility from anywhere.

    Mobile Computers Include:
    • TC5x
    • TC2x
    • TC7x
    • TC75x
    • CT4x
    • CT35
    Handheld Pistol Grip:
    • MC9300
    • MC3300
    • CK65
  • Vehicle-mounted Computers

    The pressure is on for warehouses to keep inventory moving. Workers need to maintain both visibility and productivity while driving their forklifts — demanding the most durable mobile computers that can handle rough vehicle terrains. Through SMG3, you can access rugged vehicle-mounted device models like VC83, VM1, and Thor VM3A built for the harshest environments. 

    Vehicle-mounted Computers include:
    • VC83
    • VM1
    • Thor VM3A
  • Tablets

    Productive businesses require non-stop workflow connectivity that lets teams easily share information and managers monitor operations in real time. Tablets enable you to do just that. With products supporting both Windows and Android operating systems, you can obtain flexible, easy-to-use assets that meet your business needs.

    We offer Honeywell options like the RT series plus Zebra Technologies models like ET4x, ET5x, and ET6x that can come with smooth deployments and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).  

    Tablets include:
    • Honeywell RT Series 
    • Zebra Technologies ET4x
    • Zebra Technologies ET5x
    • Zebra Technologies ET6x
  • Wearables

    Freedom of movement to scan barcodes or check off selected inventory shouldn’t have to break the bank. We partner with vendors like Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and Proglove to enhance your employees’ work experience through cost-friendly wearable mobile equipment. 

    With options for ring scanners, wrist-attached devices, and other wearable computers, your workforce can get an ergonomic solution that boosts productivity while letting them freely move throughout the facility.

    Tablets include:

    Wearables include: 

    • Brands: 
      • Zebra Technologies
      • Honeywell
      • Proglove
    • WT63 – Voice
    • CW45 – Voice
    • Ring Scanner
    • Zebra – RS5100
    • Honeywell – 8670 Ring Scanner
    • Proglove – Mark Basic, 2, 3, and Display
  • Scanners

    At the heart of any resilient supply chain are dependable barcode scanners that can track inventory, process shipments, monitor quality standards, and eventually finalize transactions at the point of sale (POS). We provide a vast range of durable scanning equipment with tethered, granite series, and wireless options. Partnering with top-of-the-line vendors, our devices meet product traceability regulations and deliver a superior scanning experience. 

    Tethered :
    • DS8100 Series
    • DS 3600 series
    • Granite Series
    • DS 36xx series
    • HW – Granite Series
  • Printers

    Failure to produce reliable barcode labels can result in unreadable barcodes and incorrect shipping details that halt the supply chain. It can also lead to hefty regulatory fines. You need dependable printers that meet industry standards and ensure 100% accurate data. From Zebra Technologies ZT and ZD series to Honeywell PX and PC series to TSC TX and TC series, we can get you mobile and desktop printing solutions that suit your business needs while seamlessly integrating into your technology stack.

    • Zebra Technologies ZT Series
    • Honeywell PX Series
      • PX940
    • TSC – MH Series
    • TSC – ODV
    • Zebra – ZD Series
    • Honeywell – PC Series
    • TSC TX Series
    • TSC TC Series
    • Zebra – ZQ 5&6 Series

Why Choose SMG3 for
Hardware Procurement?

Executing a robust mobile strategy requires an experienced partner with the resources to help you stay productive. SMG3 knows what it takes to deliver and manage dependable mobile devices that help your business thrive.

Access to Technology for Every Mobile Need

Through partnerships with Honeywell and Zebra Technologies, we provide all types of mobile assets, including tablets, wearables, printers, scanners, vehicle-mounted devices, and mobile computers, that allow your entire workforce to stay efficient and connected. Fully adaptable to your infrastructure, we can deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique business software needs and support full-scale migrations to Android operating systems (OS).

Experience Deploying Mobile Devices at Scale

No challenge is too cumbersome for the SMG3 professional services team. With experience in hundreds of large-scale asset purchases and over 100,000 mobile units under management, our team is ready for anything. From manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution to transportation, healthcare, and retail businesses, we've procured mobile technology across numerous industries at every stage.

Seamless Pairing with SMG3 EDGE

Having the right hardware is just one pillar of a sound mobile strategy. You also need a robust mobile device management (MDM) solution that ensures reliable product performance. SMG3 EDGE offers complete mobile lifecycle support and lets you deploy your assets more efficiently. With EDGE, you get up to 24x7 support, expertise, and full control of your mobile environment all in one package.


Find the Right Mobile Hardware for Your Business With SMG3

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