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Since 2011, SMG3 has grown from the idea of three individuals to a progressive and active organization within the field of IT and mobility. We are a successful and well-respected company that has earned a reputation for “breaking the mold” with our cutting-edge technology and industry-changing approach to service and support within the enterprise.

 If you are passionate about delivering stellar customer service and want to contribute to our success, we would love to work with you.

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SMG3 Employee Benefits And Perks

Health Insurance

SMG3’s health and dental insurance plans currently provide regular full-time employees and their dependents access to group medical and dental insurance.

Disibility & Life Insurance

SMG3 currently provides all regular full-time employees long-term disability (LTD) and short-term disability (STD) benefits designed to ensure a continuing income for employees who are unable to work due to illness, injury, and more.

Safe Harbor 401k

SMG3 currently offers a 401(k)-retirement program to enhance the financial stability of eligible employees and their families.

Flex Schedule

SMG3 offers flex schedules for employees to begin and end work at nonstandard times within limits set by management.

Paid Time Off

SMG3 has adopted a paid time off (PTO) policy, in which each employee is afforded the flexibility to take vacation, personal time, and time off for illness as necessary.

Paid Holidays

When holidays fall or are celebrated on a regular work day, eligible employees will still receive pay.

Casual Dress Code

SMG3 has a casual work setting. We encourage employees to wear clothes that are comfortable and practical for work.


To help maintain our mission and show our appreciation, SMG3 employees will nominate their coworkers in accordance with embracing the SMG3 culture and the award criteria.

What Our Team Members Have To Say

“Working at SMG3 is like being part of a really cool and nerdy gang. We may not have leather jackets, but we do have laptops and a killer team.”

— Rene

“The SMG3 EDGE customer web portal offers visibility into your fleet of equipment.”

— National Implementations Manager, Shorr Packaging

Open Positions

SMG3 EDGE empowers your team to get more from their mobile technology, boost productivity, and better support customers. Giving your business a comprehensive suite of mobile deployment, provisioning, support, and lifecycle management services that enables enterprise success.

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Send us your resume, portfolio, and any other applicable information that shows why you’d be a great fit for the SMG3 team.


Learn skills that will give your career an edge alongside fun, knowledgeable professionals. You’ll get hands-on experience, discover new interests, and make great connections.

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Not seeing An Open Position For You?

Send us your resume, portfolio, and any other applicable information that shows why you’d be a great fit for the SMG3 team.